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Construction Expertise

Impulse Takeoffs fills a unique role in the commercial construction industry. More than merely an asset to your business, we strive to become partners, mutually invested in success. Earning your trust will be a process but not a challenge. Like you, we have been in construction our whole lives and know what it means to have our name on the line every time.

Our History

Impulse Takeoffs’ founder, Paul Dugas has built a rich business acumen that combines ownership and leadership responsibilities at a variety of commercial contracting enterprises with his passion for Information Technology and entrepreneurial pursuits. His construction experience includes ten years as a Project Manager and Estimator at his father’s electrical contracting business in Buffalo, NY. Later, he partnered to build a commercial flooring business from nothing to over a million in revenue in just a few years.

  • While putting together countless, quick-turnaround estimates as a contractor, Paul identified materials quantity takeoffs as a particularly cumbersome hitch in the estimating process.
  • Accurately calculating quantities requires a construction professional with substantial trade knowledge who is also skilled with takeoff software and has the time to time to produce the figures.
  • Recognizing an opportunity, Impulse Takeoffs came to market in 2017 and has since established an exceptional reputation that continues to grow nationally.

Our Resources

Impulse Takeoffs has built a nationwide network of both generalist and specialist commercial construction consultants. Our consultants all have many years of professional experience working in-house for large construction managers or specialty contractors as estimators and project managers. Understanding the absolute necessity for accuracy in quantities, these professionals are individually assigned to new accounts in direct correlation with the client’s takeoff needs and expectations.

  • As time- and energy- saving resources in the estimating process, we tailor each Takeoff to the individual client’s format and provide 100 percent of our backup documentation on every assignment.
  • From the first project forward, your account consultant will be adding to their understanding of your desired detail, assumptions or considerations, contingency, format, and whatever else is particularly important to you.
  • Complete a Request for Proposal today to get a no-obligation answer to your Takeoff needs. Impulse Takeoffs will review your documentation and provide a price proposal and a breakdown of payment options within 24 hours.

Word from Our Clients

Custom Deliverables

It has been a pleasure getting to know him and working with him. He understands we are all aiming for the same goal in takeoffs but go about it in different ways. This means his takeoffs may need to be adjusted to suite my needs rather than what may have been done for another company with the same trade. These are the kind of people I take pleasure in working with.

James Searcy

Custom Designed Estimating Spreadsheet

After only working with Paul a short time, I decided to build an extensive Excel spreadsheet for pricing and purchasing and Paul has been right on board. His extensive knowledge of Excel has been a tremendous help. He has not only taught me to do the majority of it by myself he has been on call to assist early in the morning and late into the night. There were just some complex formulas I could not figure out and Paul handled them easily.

James Searcy

We are Committed to Provide The Best Quality Of Service